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About Us

The Brand

Woof & Co. is a small business, located in Fort Smith, Arkansas, created to bring eco-friendly dog toys to your fur-baby. Our authentic designs are uniquely tailored with details curated from recycled and environmentally conscious materials. We strive to provide eco-friendly dog toys without having to sacrifice both aesthetics and functionality. Woof & Co. understands that dog toys can get expensive, so our prices are created to be affordable!

Woof & Co.'s mission is to give back to the Earth for providing the materials that created the products. From the packaging to the toy, the materials are made of recycled and eco-friendly materials. Our Mission: Giving Back, is dedicated to donating 20% of sales to environmental protection programs; as well as, donating to animal shelters. 

Meet the Founder

Thi Le

In 2017, I adopted my Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Jupiter and welcomed my best-friend into my life. 

The first thing that any dog owner wants to do is spoil their dog rotten, I was not an exception. I wanted to buy every possible toy that the world had to offer for Jupiter. One of the things that I noticed was the environmental damages that the majority of dog toys produced. Over the years, I finally decided to create my own line. 

The main goal for my dog brand was to create all of my products from recycled and eco-friendly materials; while being affordable. I set out on a journey discovering which materials were both safe for dogs and environmentally conscious. I spent endless hours creating unique and distinctive designs. With the support from Jupiter, my family, and friends, I was able to launch Woof & Co.