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Alice the Apple
Alice the Apple
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Alice the Apple

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Step right up to the "Alice the Apple" – The Grandest Treat Extravaganza for Your Pup!

Roll up, roll up! Get ready for a spectacular playtime show with our Alice the Apple dog toy – the star attraction that promises to deliver laughter, squeaks, and a treat-filled adventure!

🎪 Features: 🍎 Embroidered Amazement: Prepare for the grandeur! The Carnival Crunch Apple boasts meticulously embroidered details that'll make your pup's tail wag like it's on a rollercoaster.

🔊 Squeaker Spectacle: Cue the applause! With every squeeze, this apple sings a merry tune that's sure to bring down the house with barks of joy.

🍏 Tasty Treats Galore: Inside this carnival gem, you'll find pockets brimming with excitement – perfect for stashing treats and turning playtime into a tantalizing treasure hunt.

🤣 Benefits:

  • Provides endless entertainment for your pup, and you'll be grinning from ear to ear watching their carnival-inspired antics.
  • Ignites interactive play, making ordinary days feel like a front-row ticket to the most entertaining show in town.

🎉🍎 Step right up to Alice the Apple – where tail-wagging meets a taste of carnival magic, all rolled into one paw-some playtime experience. It's like a circus without the clowns, but with all the laughter!

SIZE: 4" x 3" x 3"


  • Squeaker
  • Pockets
  • Embroidery

For supervised play only. If toy becomes punctured, damaged or parts become separated, stop use immediately.


Woof & Co. does not make this product. We carry this toy  on our online shop.